Captain Tom, Belle & Sebastian, Personalised Jewellery...the importance and variety in story telling

March 03, 2021 2 min read

Story telling

As the old proverb goes, 'those who tell the stories rule the world'. This is certainly true- everyone has at least a book within them of stories and tales from life! It doesn't take long to find inspiring stories dotted all over the internet. From Captain Tom inspiring the nation, to the stories told by grandparents and family tales passed down through generations.

The Captain Tom Foundation


In early February this year we celebrated National Storytelling Week, which opened up many conversations about where we all come from and what stories of memories we have to tell. The recent Tom Hanks film 'News of the World' tells a beautiful story of survival and hope, peppered with memories- which turn into stories when shared. At its core it was truly endearing seeing the friendships which grew throughout the story (coming together through a shared respect and love for storytelling). 

The Japanese art of  Kintsugi beautifully captures the idea of storytelling and embracing memories- both good and bad. Smashed pottery rather than being thrown away becomes art; being stuck back together with glue and finished with gold foil arguably adds to the beauty and story of each piece, and it's easy to see how it's become so popular. When displayed, these pieces give character and encapsulate memories and stories within them- and become treasured timepieces. Much like our own bodies bearing scars, perhaps tattoos and piercings, all telling stories from times in our lives. Our fingerprint, handprint, writing and drawing jewellery tells very personal accounts of relationships with loved ones - each one completely unique and encapsulated in silver for lasting precious memories to live on.  
The Japanese art of  Kintsugi
Storytelling, the fifth studio album by Belle and Sebastian is the score to the Todd Solondz movie Storytelling. It encourages us all to consider the cause and effects of our writing and story telling - we all have "responsibility" but there's a vast expanse of freedom to be found here too. With the roadmap out of lockdown gradually being implemented and life returning to normal, it's important to remember all those we have made memories with over the past year and to celebrate those who have stuck by us. Because we, along with all of them, can rule the world with our stories.

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