Taking prints

We offer five options:

1. Prints made directly onto the piece

IIf you have a Memory Treasures jeweller in your area, they may offer a service where the print is made directly onto the piece. The process is time-sensitive and the jeweller should be contacted as soon as possible. Check to see if there is a jeweller in your area. If there is no jeweller in your area, you can consider options 2-4.

 2. Fingerprint Jewellery

Capture the unique impression of a fingerprint in silver, using our two-part compound kit.

3. Tender Touch

Sterling silver jewellery that has been handcrafted with the texture of your loved one's own unique fingerprint, using our Fingerprint Ink Kit.

4. Hand & Footprint

Capture a hand or footprint in sterling silver using our Inkless Print Kit.

5. Original Writing & Drawings

Simply upload a scan or photo of the writing/drawing when placing your order. Or send it to us using our online uploader.

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